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A differentiation method of a blade destination and a traffic type in a multi-root PCIe Peripheral Component Interconnect express environment is provided to differentiate a traffic type in a multi-root environment not to block by a lower priority thread. The first mapping data structure associating virtual channel corresponding to a plurality of virtual channels with each traffic class in a plurality of traffic classes The second mapping data structure mapping each virtual channel in the virtual channels on a virtual link corresponding to a plurality of virtual links of a data processing system is generated. Traffic of a specific priority group is routed to a specific virtual link in the virtual links from one single-root virtual layer of a specific priority Spirit Modems 560PCI Internal based on the first mapping data structure and the second mapping data structure.

The present invention generally relates to an improved data processing system and method. More particularly, the present invention differentiation differentiation which, on the basis of both the multi-traffic type and destination server blade-root relates to a system and method for differentiation of traffic types over a PCI Express root complex environment. This differentiation is a multi-class traffic - will be prevented from blocking the flow of other traffic classes across the root system. PCI standard was indicated the computer bus to the peripheral devices attached to the computer motherboard.

PCI Express PCIe uses existing PCI programming concepts, but is based on a completely different computer bus, an implementation of the PCI computer bus that has a serial richeung water much faster than the communication protocol.

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The physical layer is not carried out as a two-way bus that can be shared among a plurality of devices, it comprises a single one-way link is connected correctly only two devices. In one exemplary embodiment, the multi-root differentiation between the data processing system to each other in different traffic types and the server blade at the destination differentiation was provided a method. This way, each single of the data processing system includes generating a first map data for the root structure of the virtual layer, associating each traffic class within a plurality of traffic classes and the corresponding virtual channel in the plurality of virtual channels.

The method also includes generating a second mapping data structure that maps each virtual channel in a plurality of virtual channels into a plurality of corresponding virtual link in a virtual link to a data processing system. In addition, the method of claim 1, the mapping data structure and the second mapping data structure based on a single-comprises routing traffic for a particular priority to a specific group of virtual links in the plurality of virtual links from the root virtual layer. In another exemplary embodiment, the computer program product is provided comprising a computer Spirit Modems 560PCI Internal or a recordable medium having a computer readable program.

Computer-readable program to be carried out is a combination of time, in the operation described above in relation to the illustrative embodiment allows how a computing device and an operation executed on a computing device. Memory may include instructions to Spirit Modems 560PCI Internal a combination of time, the operations and the operation above causes the one or more processors in conjunction with the example embodiment method has been executed by the one or more processors.

Spirit Modems 560PCI Internal features and advantages and other features and advantages of the present invention are described in the following detailed description of exemplary embodiments of the invention will be apparent to those skilled in the art. To the present invention, a preferred mode of use, and further objects and advantages of the present invention, with reference to the accompanying drawings, it will be best understood from the following detailed description of exemplary embodiments below.

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Figure 1 is an exemplary diagram illustrating a system incorporating the PCIe fabric topology in accordance with the PCIe specification. The system as shown in Figure 1 is a host processor Spirit Modems 560PCI Internal and the root consists of a complex memory connected towhich is one or more PCIe endpoint endpointagain, the term "end points" are used to refer to PCIe-enabled adapter in the PCIe specificationand is connected to the PCI Express and the one or more interconnect switches to the PCI bridge The root complex includes a host bridge, zero or more root complex integrated endpoint, zero or more root complex event collector and one or more root ports. LPAR is a computer so that the processor, memory, and divides the storage of a set of a plurality of resources to a set of resources, each of which can be independently operated by an operating system instance and application of their own.

The number of logical partitions that can be created depends on the available resources and the processor model of the system.


Each partition may communicate with another partition as if the other partitions in the individual devices. The PCIe MR-IOV specification including details of the virtual channel to the virtual link mapping information that enables the generation of a plurality of independent data flow and resources across the system. However, MR-IOV specification does not provide details about how to avoid each other of blocking the line head in a virtual link across virtual layers for different traffic classes. Accordingly, the specification does not provide any method for preventing the blocking head of the line spanning the virtual layer VH in the virtual link. Specification describes a bypass queue queue bypass that may help to prevent the blocking of the head line, but will result in a buffer resource in this bypass queue consumption.

This produces the blocking head of the additional air and the line of the traffic queue in the process due to the use of the bypass queues. An exemplary embodiment is defined a mechanism to differentiate differentiate the traffic over a virtual hierarchy in a virtual channel using the traffic class for mapping the performance of a virtual link, where the virtual link is a plurality of flows over a single physical MR PCIe link It provides support for independent logical data, and performs the same role in the virtual Spirit Modems 560PCI Internal VC in the PCIe Base topology within the MR topology.

Virtual channel PCIe single-enable a plurality of independent flow created in the root layer. Virtual links are PCIe multi-enable a plurality of independent flow created in the root layer. A multi-layer of each of the virtual root system may be assigned to a single virtual channel to the virtual link.

Multiple traffic types to share a single virtual link can cause the head of line blocking. For example, storage traffic can be blocked by high-performance computing HPC traffic, that traffic associated with supercomputers and clusters on the virtual link.


In addition, the Spirit Modems 560PCI Internal traffic may be different from the virtual layer and HPC traffic. Therefore, the traffic having a longer transmission time may be a block of traffic that requires less waiting. The slow blocking traffic may be different from the virtual layer that generates a job for a single virtual system that links the blocking targeted traffic to other systems. An exemplary embodiment defines the mechanism is slow compared to the same and storage traffic, traffic to be assigned to a, first the ranking group traffic class, a virtual channel and a virtual link in order to avoid blocking the higher air-sensitive traffic, such as HPC application traffic.

As will be understood by those skilled in the art, the invention may be implemented as a system, method or computer program product.


Accordingly, the invention is entirely hardware embodiment, an entirely software embodiment firmware, resident firmware, micro-comprises a code and the likeor generally, "circuit", which may be referred to herein as a "module" or "system. In addition, the present invention may take the form of a computer program product embodied in any tangible expression medium having computer usable program code embodied in the medium. Any combination of one or Spirit Modems 560PCI Internal computer usable or computer readable medium s may be used.

Computer-usable or computer-readable medium may be, for example, electronic, magnetic, optical, electromagnetic, infrared, or semiconductor system, apparatus, device, or propagation medium, not limited to this. Computer - a more specific example of the readable medium comprising: Computer-usable or computer-readable media may also be paper or, for example paper or be electronically captured via optical scanning of the other medium, then compiled, interpreted, or, or, required, and then the processed in a suitable manner if there be any other suitable medium, such as a program that can be stored in the Spirit Modems 560PCI Internal memory in the computer to be printed.

In the context of this disclosure, a computer-available or computer-readable medium containing a program for use by or it Spirit Modems 560PCI Internal use in connection with the instruction execution system, apparatus, or device, store, communicate, propagate, or transport It may be any media that can be. Computer-usable medium is a portion in the baseband or carrier, the computer-implemented myself may include a propagated data signal with the use of program code. Computer usable program code may be transmitted may include a wireless, wireline, optical fiber cable, RF, etc.

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