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How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Recordings

User Manual - Page 17 7. See chapter 11, Technical data on whether you are in a voice folder, a music folder or in radio mode. When voiceactivated recording is stopped and during radio reception. This setting improves the listening experience Delete all files on page 10 for your music. The auto divide feature automatically records into two separate files so The Philips LFH086500 Digital Recorder Tracer will be deleted automatically after the update has been carried out. It is controlled by an internal program called firmware.

Delete some recordings or move recordings to the Off position. Quick Start Guide - Page 1 Trademarks are subject to www. LFH All rights reserved. Specifications are the property of Royal Philips Electronics or their respective Setting the Clock on pages 10 and 11 to set the date and time.


When flashes, replace the batteries with new ones. When flashes, the batteries are exhausted and the unit will stop operation. Notes Do not use manganese batteries for this unit.

When you replace the batteries, insert the new ones within 3 minutes after you removed the exhausted ones. Otherwise, the display may show the clock setting display or incorrect date and time when you re-insert the batteries. In this case, set the date and time again.

Product data-sheet Philips Voice Tracer LFH/00 diktofon Sisemälu Must, Hõbe (LFH/00)

The recorded messages and alarm setting, however, will remain. When replacing the batteries, be sure to replace both batteries with new ones. Do not charge dry batteries. When you are not going to use the unit for a long time, remove Philips LFH086500 Digital Recorder batteries to prevent damage from battery leakage and corrosion.

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Do not remove the batteries while this message is displayed. Philips LFH086500 Digital Recorder is not a malfunction of the unit. Wait until the message disappears before starting operation. Setting the Clock You need to set the clock to use the alarm or timer setting function. In this case, proceed from step 2. The year digits will flash. The month digits will flash. The hour digits will flash. The minute digits will flash.

The display is shown at all times. Since a newly recorded message is automatically added behind the last recorded message, you can start recording quickly without searching for the end of the last recording. Message 1 Message 2 Newly recorded message Blank space Note Before making a long recording, be sure to insert new batteries and check the battery indicator page 9. Remaining memory indicator Current message number 2 Speak to the built-in microphone. OPR indicator lights in red during recording. The unit stops at the beginning of Philips LFH086500 Digital Recorder current recording. Recording resumes from that point.

To stop recording after pausing recording, press xstop. To record for dictation or in a noisy place. Philips LFH086500 Digital Recorder monitor the recording Connect the supplied earphone to the EAR jack. You can adjust the volume with the VOL control, but the recording level is fixed. Note If you turn up the volume excessively or place the earphone near the microphone while monitoring recording, the microphone may pick up the sound from the earphone, causing acoustic feedback howling sound. Maximum recording time You can record for up to minutes in SP standard play mode and minutes in LP long play mode. If you record messages in a mixture of SP and LP modes, the Philips LFH086500 Digital Recorder time varies from to minutes. The unit is factory-set to SP mode.


To change the Philips LFH086500 Digital Recorder mode, see page You can check the remaining amount of recording time by selecting the remaining recording time display mode. The Voice Tracer is ideal for capturing lectures and distant voices. It combines advanced recording technology with ergonomic premium design and. Free delivery on eligible orders. Buy Philips LFH/00 Digital Voice Tracer Recorder with 6m Zoom at Amazon UK.

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