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For example, if the maximum charging current for a OutBack Power VFXR3648A InverterCharger bank is Adc, then the maximum current setting for GCC is also set to Adc. If the inverter contributes 50 Adc, then the GCC function in the MATE3 will then limit the total charge controller output to 50 Adc so the total net current to the batteries will be Adc. It is important to note that GCC does not regulate or affect inverter charging at all.

It simply factors the inverter current into the equation for the total net current to the battery bank. Change the Enable setting to Y es. Enter the desired Maximum Battery Charge amps. Meeting OutBack Power VFXR3648A InverterCharger charge parameters is an indication that the battery is full and charging should stop.

This can save wear and tear on the batteries if for some reason multiple absorption cycles are initiated with minimal battery discharge. In this case, the charge parameters will probably be met more quickly than the Absorb time and can terminate the cycle so the batteries do not OutBack Power VFXR3648A InverterCharger overcharged.


The Charged Voltage setting is typically 0. This ensures the parameter is met in case there is a discrepancy between the voltmeters of the charging device and the FN-DC.

OutBack Power VFXR3648A Inverter/Charger

The charging current drops off more dramatically when the charging voltage is met. The FN-DC battery function that measures amps in and out of the battery can only determine SoC after measuring against other factors. This allows the FN-DC to determine when the battery bank is full. However, a OutBack Power VFXR3648A InverterCharger SimpliPhi 3. One possibility is to double the apparent battery size to exceed the Ah lower limit.

FXR / VFXR Series - OutBack Power Inc

The doubled setting will also prevent the low SoC warning light from OutBack Power VFXR3648A InverterCharger on if the batteries are mostly or fully discharged. The FN-DC is programmed for batteries that cannot be discharged as low as lithium ferro phosphate batteries. These settings are listed in Table 2 and are also discussed on the next page. In the example of the SimpliPhi 3. The user would need to divide all percentage and amp-hour readings by two. Press the Settings selection from the Main Menu.

Outback VFXR3648A Inverter / Charger 3.6kW 120VAC 48VDC

From the Settings menu, select the Battery Monitor menu. From the Battery Monitor menu, select Battery Setup. Set Charged Voltage to 0. Set Charged Return Amps to the value in Table 2. Set Time to 1 minute. Enter the Charge Factor as the battery OutBack Power VFXR3648A InverterCharger.

Fp1 solution bank

There is no need to change the setting unless for some reason it needs to be disabled. If the Grid Tied function is being used to sell back to the grid, it is possible the battery bank may never see an absorption cycle completed. This because the inverter s Sell RE set point is never exceeded when the OutBack Power VFXR3648A InverterCharger controller is on during the day. Tips and Precautions If the SimpliPhi batteries are discharged at a fast enough rate, then it is possible to completely discharge the battery before the low battery cut-out LBCO is able to stop the inverter from powering loads.

If the inverter does not stop drawing power from the battery before LBCO is activated and the battery is fully discharged, then the whole inverter system can shut down.

Inverters with SA firmware versions x or higher that also incorporate enhanced grid protection settings have an extended LBCO range to 54 Vdc. The LBCO function only shuts down after a delay of approximately five minutes.


Capable of off-grid or grid-connected operation in a single model, the FXR Grid/Hybrid inverter/chargers provide system designers with unprecedented flexibility. FXR Series Inverter/Charger. FXRA. FXRA FXRA. VFXRA VFXRA VFXRA. Installation Manual.

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