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Micro-Star International, better known as MSI, announced the launch of a new top of the line high performance mainboard that is designed around Intel's P35 chipset. As a top of the line solution the MSI P35 Diamond mainboard offers support for the latest Intel frontside bus architecture and speed that reaches MHz as well as support for the incoming Intel processors MSI P35 Diamond using the 45nm fabrication process. Solid state aluminium capped capacitors are used MSI P35 Diamond the sound codec as well, to increase the potential fidelity through better power delivery.


Audio is provided from MSI P35 Diamond 3. It has a bit of everything and that should certainly be good enough for most people. The memory also gets a ludicrous 2. The northbridge voltage tops out at 1.

We tried all sorts of voltage increments but it would only allow adjustments when we dropped the speed to 1,MHz. MSI insists that it has had better compatibility MSI P35 Diamond house and, in particular, has worked on DDR3 performance with this motherboard. However even the pre-production board we were sent before this had similar issues and we can only assume given time and further BIOS updates these small issues will get ironed out. All of our benchmarks have been engineered to give you numbers that you are likely to find useful when actually using the products we have evaluated in the real world. We are also focusing a lot more of our time on evaluating the stability of the motherboards and platforms using a stress test designed to highlight any of the potential weaknesses that the product may have.

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MSI P35 Diamond involves a gradually increasing amount of stress starting with Prime95 on all cores and expanding to looping 3DMark 06 if all is well. This is to ensure that all parts of the system are stressed simultaneously over a period of time.

We believe that the consumer is never likely to subject their platform to this level of stress and we are not expecting every product to complete an entire extended stress test. However, most poorly engineered products fail within the first couple of hours, or even minutes, allowing us MSI P35 Diamond make a conscious decision on whether a motherboard or platform is worth your money, regardless of how well it performs in our benchmarks.

Only three SATA cables are included for the five ports though. MSI P35 Diamond only do these consume two precious USB ports but it also means the debug LEDs are at the back towards the bottom end of your case - not exactly the easiest place to check.

MSI P35 Diamond (MS-7356)

To make the D-Bracket inclusion even more unnecessary there's an LED array more suitably sat on the board itself!? Even if four ports can't be included - use a single bracket with the Firewire and two USB ports on it to save space. On a more positive note - the M-connector is very reminiscent of the Q-connector we've seen from Asus. However, we're not complaining, these little things are great for extending the board pin-outs and MSI P35 Diamond finding which front panel pins go where.

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NETGEAR RN51661E NASMSI P35 Platinum

Update CPU Micro Code. - Update Marvell LAN Boot ROM version.

MSI P35 diamond dont want to work

- Support Corsair MHz 1G memory. - Disabled 5V USB function under S4/S5. Version.

P35 Diamond. Product Specifications; Detail; Datasheet.

Socket; CPU (Max Support); Baseclock/Hyper Transport; Chipset; DDR3 Memory; Memory Channel.

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