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MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

As audiences all over the world are ever more expecting to be amazed visiting theme-parks, museums, live shows, movies and many other types of venues, designing the technical solutions that are needed to be able to create and control the complex systems for these settings can be challenging. Ethernet has become the standard transport method for Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI wide variety of protocols. It has found its way from the office environment in to many other areas where low-cost and high reliability networking is required. Within the entertainment industry we see a growing trend in using the Ethernet as the preferred infrastructure, more and more control systems are evolving into network based distributed systems.

Disconnection of session's partner[ edit ] A session partner can ask at any moment to leave a session, which will close the session in return.

This is done using the BY message. When a session partner receives this message, it immediately closes Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI session with the remote partner that sent the message, and it frees all resources allocated to this session.

It must be noted that this message can be sent by the session initiator or by the session listener "invited" partner. It can however easily be shown that a correctly programmed RTP-MIDI application or driver does not exhibit more latency than Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI communication methods. A similar mechanism is found in most plugins, which can inform the host of the latency they add to the processing path. The host can then send samples to the plugin in advance, so the samples are ready and sent synchronously with other audio streams.


The Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI mechanism described in RF uses a relative timestamp system, based on the MIDI deltatime, as described in [21]. RFC gives some examples based on an audio sampling clock, in order to get a sample accurate timestamping of MIDI events.

KissBox The Network Solution

The timing accuracy of all MIDI events is then microseconds for these implementations. Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI and receiver clocks are synchronized when the session is initiated, and they are kept synchronized during the whole session period by the regular synchronization cycles, controlled by the session initiators.


This mechanism has the capability to compensate for any latency, from a few hundreds of microseconds, as seen on LAN applications, to seconds. It can compensate for the latency introduced by the Internet for example, allowing real-time execution of music pieces. This mechanism is however mainly designed for pre-recorded MIDI streams, like the one coming Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI a sequencer track. With such usecase, the latency compensation mechanism described previously can not be used. The latency which can be obtained is then directly related to the different networking components involved in the communication path between the RTP-MIDI devices: In most cases, Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI latency comes directly from the thread latency which can be obtained on a given operating system, typically ms max on Windows and Mac OS systems.


Systems with real-time kernel can achieve much better results, down to microseconds. This time can be considered as constant, whatever the communication channel MIDI 1. Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI stack processing time[ edit ] IP stack processing time is the most critical one, since the communication process goes under operating system control. This applies to any communication protocol, IP related or not, since most operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS or Linux, do not allow direct access to the Ethernet adapter. In particular, a common mistake is to conflate "raw sockets" with "direct access to network"; sockets being the entry point to send and receive data over network in most operating systems. A "raw socket" is a socket which allows an application to send any packet using any protocol. The application is then responsible to build the telegram following given protocol rules, while "direct access" would require system-level access which is restricted to the operating system kernel.

A packet Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI using a raw socket can then be delayed by the operating system if the network adapter is currently being used by another application. Thus, an IP packet can be sent to the network before a packet related to a raw socket. Technically speaking, access to a given network card is controlled by "semaphores".

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Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI, Apple's implementation solved this issue in an elegant manner, using the session control protocol. The ARP sequence then takes place during the session initiation sequence.


With modern processors, this preparation is extremely fast and takes only a few microseconds, which is negligible compared to the application latency itself. As described before, once prepared, a RTP-MIDI packet can only be delayed when it tries to reach the network adapter if the adapter is already transmitting another packet, whether the socket is an IP one or a "raw" one. However, the latency introduced at this level is generally extremely low since the driver threads in Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI of the network adapters have very high priority. Moreover, most network adapters have FIFO buffers at the hardware level, so the packets can be stored for immediate transmission in the network adapter itself without needing the driver thread to be executed first.


A method to help keep the latency related to "adapter access competition" as low as possible is to reserve the network adapter for MIDI communication only, and use a different network adapter for other network usages like file sharing or Internet browsing. VSTizer S16 is a Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI for the Behringer S16 'Digital Snake'. It allows full remote control over RTP-MIDI link, and can store up to Kiss-Box S16 RTP-MIDI Product‎: ‎VSTizer for Behringer S Kiss-Box has announced the release of two new RTP-MIDI VST plugins in the VSTizer product range: VSTizer TX81Z and VSTizer S

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