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The first embodiment illustrates the general teachings of the invention, whereas the second, third, and fourth embodiments depict specific implementations of the teachings. Turning now to FIGS. Although, the first embodiment depicts merely communicating equipment identification information, the principles of the invention may be readily extended to include the communication of more general information such as identification of the equipment processor type and the equipment harddrive capacity. In general, the central module 15 monitors remote module circuitry 16 that may be permanently attached to remotely located electronic workstations such as personal computers 3A through 3D over the computer network The communication system 15 and 16 described herein is particularly adapted to be easily implemented in conjunction with an existing computer network 17 while realizing minimal interference to the computer network.

In addition to being implemented from the hub of a network to remotely located PCs, the invention can be applied to other elements of an office environment such as telephones, Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN machines, robots, and printers. The invention is particularly suitable for being incorporated into a patchpanel.

The asset aware patchpanel would then be capable of identifying the existence and location of network assets without power being applied to the assets. Remotely located personal computers 3A through 3D are each connected to the computer network 17 so as to provide widespread remote user access to the computer network The remotely located personal computers 3A through 3D are Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN connected to hub 1 via data communication links 2A through 2D.


Data communication links 2A through 2D are, for example, conventional multi-wire cables that include a plurality of transmit and receive data communication links sometimes referred to herein as wires or lines for communicating Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN between each of remotely located computers Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN through 3D and other communication devices on the network such as other computers and file servers not shown. The invention described herein is particularly suited to be implemented in conjunction with a computer network 17 which preferably employs a conventional wiring approach of the type which may include twisted pair wiring such as Ethernet, Token Ring, or ATM. Wiring schemes similar to Ethernet are commonly employed to provide data communication links for electronic computer equipment.

In accordance with conventional wiring or cabling approaches, data communication links 2A-2D generally include a pair of transmit wires not shown as well as a pair of receive wires not shown connected to each of personal computers Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN through 3D. The cable may include other wires, as well.

Each pair of transmit and receive wires are internally coupled to an associated personal computer via two windings of Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN internally located isolation transformer not shown. Each pair of transmit wires and each pair of receive wires thereby form a current loop through one of the personal computers 3A through 3D which is advantageously employed in accordance with the approach described herein. The central module 15 includes an isolation power supply 8 see FIG. The DC power supply has a low current preferably on the order of magnitude of about 1 mA. The isolation power supply 8 includes an input terminal for receiving a low voltage signal VLV which has a magnitude of approximately fifteen 15 volts.

The present embodiment of Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN invention sources DC current from the 15 volt source to the remote modules However, it is within the scope of the invention to provide other voltage levels such as 3V dc, and 20V dc. Although the present embodiment sources current for the immediate power needs of the remote module, it is also within the scope of the invention to supply current to charge a battery, capacitor bank, or other energy storage device that powers the Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN module.

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Additionally, powering the remote module from some other source such as a primary battery, rechargeable battery or capacitor bank that receives energy from a source other than the central module is within the scope of the invention. The power generated by isolation power supply 8 is passed through signal modulator 7 which can slightly alter the voltage supplied by isolation power supply 8 based upon status data provided by the status data encoder 9. Status data encoder 9 receives its status data from the firmware kernel 4. Signal modulator 7 inserts this low power supply across the transmit and receive lines or into either the transmit lines or the receive lines in order to supply the remote module 16 with both status information and power.

The Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN of the invention includes transmitting status information as a single bit or as a pulse train. Types of transmitted status information include whether the protection circuit is active, date, time, and port location. Isolation power supply 13 draws power for the remote module 16 and provides status information that was encoded into the power supply signal by signal modulator 7 within the central module This status information is in turn passed over to the firmware kernel 10 of the remote module 16 by way of the status data reader Firmware kernel 10 provides a preprogrammed unique identification number to Manchester encoder 11 in order to reliably traverse the data communication link or cable 2A. The Manchester encoder then passes this encoded number to signal transmitter 12 which sends the encoded number across the data communication link 2A by altering the total current draw of the remote module Additionally, waveshaping the encoded signal with techniques such as MLT-3 is within the scope of the invention.


In addition to transmitting an identification number the firmware kernel 10 may also elect to send additional information such as confirmation Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN the status information or additional data provided by an external device 18, such as the computer 3A to which the remote module 16 is attached. The information sent from the remote module 16 is received by the signal receiver 6 within the central module 15, decoded by Manchester decoder 5, and passed on to the firmware kernel 4.

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The firmware kernel may now pass Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN received information on to an external device 19, such as a computer responsible for asset tracking. Kernel 4 may optionally provide a blocking signal to blocking circuit 20 to deny, to an unauthorized computer, access to the network information via hub 1. For example, if someone uses a laptop to attempt to plug into the network, the central module 15 detects the absence of the proper identification code from the laptop and, as noted before, kernel 4 would issue a suitable signal to blocking circuit 20 to prevent access to the network information and also generate Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN alarm.

Furthermore, Gateway FX8000 Intel LAN the potential thief later disconnects protected equipment from the network, this action is also detected and an alarm can be generated. Although the present embodiment illustrates the blocking function as shorting the data lines together see FIG. : Gateway FXE Desktop PC: Computers & Accessories.


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