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FusDoRah Unfortunately, this means that it's easy to cause framerate to drop below acceptable levels. I have yet to discover a Video of its gameplay that isn't showing problems concerning low frame rates, although there aren't "good looking" graphics at all. But the reason, why BW chose Hero-Engine for the game development is the one on the linked pdf http: I hope they can prompt the Asus AS-D777 0201 developers to fix it nonetheless, without having to rewrite major parts of the code, because I want this game to succeed. The Details are to high.


Haplesscolin The stuttering is completely ruining this game for me. My specs: Intel i3 4.

This is most apparent when inside my ship and most indoor areas not tried pvp yet. Its not the pagefile because Asus AS-D777 0201 game still has plenty of memory to play with when the game is running and there is no hdd activity.

Im running a fresh install of windows, with all my latest drivers installed for all components and have the lastest directx redist installed. This problem MUST be the game engine!!

My poehalifiles

I went to best buy today and the clerk i spoke to had this same issue in warzones Hahowned I bought a new ATI Asus AS-D777 0201 to see if it would fix my issue and well it didn't I'm with all of the people that are saying that this game doesn't utilize your graphics card as much as it should. I know my computer is good enough to run this game and well it is definetly something they need to fix and soon. Graphic card used: No CPU: Id like to see the results with normal speeds I have a new laptop with a graphics card with 2 GB dedicated memory.


Asus AS-D777 0201 Please continue discussion within the new thread. Haplesscolin When in game and i tab out to task manager, there are two processes for the game that are running. One uses much more memory than the other.

If i set the large process to use core 0, 1 and 2, then i set the small process to just use core 3 Asus AS-D777 0201 stuttering in the ship is reduced alot Asus AS-D777 0201 has little affect in outdoor areas. Iv tried different combinations of cores but i cant find a balance. I really want to get into this game but for now its an unsub. Zorklol I have yet to discover a Video of its gameplay that aren't showing problems concerning low frame rates, although there isn't "good looking" graphics at all.

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But the reason, why BW chose Hero-engine for the game development is the one on the linked pdf http: Kractoa Small changes are not going to increase FPS enough. You have to plan for making big reductions in your primitive count, in your buckets and in your draw calls. Pick one room and work on fixing that one room, then move on to the adjacent rooms. Fixing that one Asus AS-D777 0201 will cause you to fix the Asus AS-D777 0201 adjacent rooms as well. Do some testing After the installation of the Asus AS-D driver, the device should work properly.

The update of the Asus device driver which is not working properly It is very important that the Asus devices connected to your computer had their current drivers installed. Without current Asus AS-D drivers there is a greater risk of the device malfunction, of the reduction in security, and there is Asus AS-D777 0201 possibility of the total damage of the Asus device.

Asus AS-D777 0201 Manufacturers from time to time issue new versions of the Asus AS-D software, repairing the errors they find that may cause problems with the Asus devices. Therefore, if you notice that a new version of the Asus AS-D driver is available, you should install it immediately. Similar drivers from the Asus category Driver name.


Get the Asus AS-D driver. An official Asus software for the BIOS device. Update the Asus AS-D drivers so that device can work properly. AS-D FIND ANOTHER Asus AS-D777 0201. Get easy access to product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT · Driver & Tools · FAQ · Manual & Document · Warranty  Missing: ‎ ‎Must include: ‎

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