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Imperial Saint Warhammer 40k FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Heretic Saint's bones, along with countless relics, books of doctrine and thousands of living worshippers were placed on a derelict bulk-freighter and launched directly into a nearby star, purging all taint Alloy sstnt40k Basillius as if he had never existed. Brannicus the Thrice-Maimed Unknown A revered Alloy sstnt40k within the Calixis Sector, it is said that Saint Brannicus once beat three hundred sinners to death with his severed leg which remained miraculously intact. His remaining femur, known as the Righteous Femur of Saint Brannicus, is a revered holy artefact kept within the confines of the Ecclesiarchy Cathedral of Illumination on the Shrine World of Sacristy. Capilene A revered Imperial saint of the Ecclesiarchy.

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Casophili M41 Saint Casophili was a Missionary with the Missionarus Galaxia in the early 41st Millennium, spreading the teachings of the Ecclesiarchy to worlds in the southern Segmentum Pacificus. It was on the world of Alena III that he discovered minions of the Dark Gods at the heart of several of the feral societies on the world. With few resources to hand, Saint Casophili did what he could to counter this endemic threat and laid the foundations for a full Ecclesiarchy task force to continue his work. However, as he moved from settlement to settlement preaching the word of the God-Emperor, his foes began to take notice.

Unable to bear such a threat to their power, the council of priests that ruled the world moved against him and had him captured and tortured, Alloy sstnt40k recant his errant beliefs. The chronicles of Casophili tell of his arduous ordeal at the hands of the twisted priests, to the point at Alloy sstnt40k he died from his wounds.

Imperial Saint

Here the tale Alloy sstnt40k Saint Casophili may have ended, unknown and unrecorded, another pious missionary whose life had ended Alloy sstnt40k the pursuit of his calling. Though Casophili died at the hands of his tormentors, something remarkable happened. Five solar days after his death, the body of the missionary was to be burned upon a sacrificial pyre to the Dark Gods.


As the flames Alloy sstnt40k hold of the tarred wood, Casophili roused himself and jumped from the fires. Miraculously brought back from the dead, Casophili confronted his tormentors and the gathered crowd.

Living Saint

The story of Saint Casophili's return spread quickly and he led the people of Alena III against the dark ruling priesthood. Castor the Obviate Unknown The remover of obstacles and patron of truth. Legend has it that this Missionary endured all manner of undignified public punishments upon the Feudal World of Maccabeus Quintusincluding five attempts to cut off his head. Each one failed until he pointed out an error with the guillotine's mechanism. According to the legend of his beatification, the people of Maccabeus Quintus were so impressed by his pious devotion that they rose up in support of the Imperial Creed, casting down their government to much rejoicing.

She was believed slain during a campaign against the Renegade Warmaster of Forrax, but has returned at various times since to rescue Imperial forces in danger of being destroyed by the enemies of the God-Emperor. Cognatius Unknown A revered saint worshipped in the Koronus ExpanseAlloy sstnt40k Cognatius was a warrior-scholar who explored the boundaries of the Imperium and conquered countless worlds in the Emperor's name. Legends and evidence from rediscovered shrines indicate that he ventured into the Koronus Expanse millennia ago, long before anyone successfully mapped The Maw.

In this era, good fortune for Rogue Traders and Missionaries within the region is often credited to his intercession.

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Constantine of Alamar A revered Imperial saint of the Ecclesiarchy. Corvus the Sabine A Alloy sstnt40k Imperial saint of the Ecclesiarchy. During the Crusade, Crassus oversaw the campaign against Adrantis V.

After the death of Macharius and the resulting dissolution of his conquests in the Macharian HeresyCrassus would remain steadfastly loyal to the Imperium. Decessio A revered Imperial saint of the Ecclesiarchy. De Haan was finally martyred after over two standard centuries of service at the Battle of Kostiashak, Alloy sstnt40k Chaos warriors captured him and nailed portions of his anatomy to the defiled cathedral of Trebian. De Haan's Acolytes recovered their master's remains, and many of these relics were stored in scented rosewood boxes on the worlds he cleansed.

One known relic is a dagger into whose handle were woven shards of De Haan's armour. Abilities Saint Anais Alloy sstnt40k the Kaurava Campaign Those Living Saints who have appeared over the centuries Alloy sstnt40k been among the most potent individuals ever to take up arms in the Emperor's name, said to have been imbued with a portion of the God-Emperor's own divine strength and abilities. They are often protected by a sacred ability, known as the Inviolable Aura, which makes them and all those around them in a limited radius nearly invulnerable in combat, and they can unleash blasts of sacred fire from their persons or their weapons which are clearly drawn from the Warp.

Some Living Saints, such as Celestine and Anais, have been known to possess a classically angelic form, able to Alloy sstnt40k a glorious pair of feathered wings which spread from their back, created from the potent psychic power of their faith in the Master of Mankind. The wings allow the same range of flight and mobility as an Astartes Jump Pack. Celestine was also known not to require the use of an extravehicular activity suit when entering toxic environments or the void of space, such as when she fought on the surface of Luna during the Terran Crusade. She was a being fuelled by psychic energy who no longer needed to respirate, eat or undertake other activities required to sustain a material existence.

Other Living Saints are very likely to possess this ability as well. And, of course, the Living Saints' greatest power is that of Alloy sstnt40k, for no matter how many times they are struck down by the foe, they always seem to return to life to aid the servants of the Imperium whenever the hour is darkest Struck down in battle by the Daemon Prince Urkanthos before the fortress city of Kasr Kraf, they were returned to life as the hand-chosen champions and honour guard of the Living Saint Celestine by her will and the power of their faith.

Large or small, saints form the human face of the Adeptus Ministorum, Alloy sstnt40k worshippers something to relate to and aspire toward. Saints are also often  Missing: Alloy.


A Living Saint is an extraordinarily devout servant of the Emperor of Mankind, usually a warrior of the Ecclesiarchy, who displays seemingly miraculous abilities  Missing: Alloy.

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