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This attack pattern is a variant of standard buffer overflow attacks using an unexpected vector binary files to wrap its attack and open up a new attack vector. The attacker is required to either directly serve the binary content to the victim, or place it in a locale like a MP3 sharing application, for the victim Allied Telesis AT-8748XL download. The attacker then is notified upon the download or otherwise locates the vulnerability opened up by the buffer overflow.

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Buffer Overflow via Symbolic Allied Telesis AT-8748XL This type of attack leverages the use of symbolic links to cause buffer overflows. An attacker can try to create or manipulate a symbolic link file such that its contents result in out of bounds data.

When the target software processes the symbolic link file, it could potentially overflow internal buffers with insufficient bounds checking. Overflow Variables and Tags This type Allied Telesis AT-8748XL attack leverages the use of tags or variables from a formatted configuration data to cause buffer overflow. The attacker crafts a malicious HTML page or configuration file that includes oversized strings, thus causing an overflow.

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Buffer Overflow via Parameter Expansion In this attack, the target Allied Telesis AT-8748XL is given input that the attacker knows will be modified and expanded in size during processing. This attack relies on the target software failing to anticipate that the expanded data may exceed some internal limit, thereby creating a buffer overflow. Buffer Overflow in an API Call This attack targets libraries or shared code modules which are vulnerable to buffer overflow attacks. An attacker who has access to an API may try to embed malicious code in the API function call and exploit a buffer overflow vulnerability in Allied Telesis AT-8748XL function's implementation.

All clients that make use of the code library thus become vulnerable by association. This has a very broad effect on security across a system, usually affecting more than one software process.

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The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. You do not have to print the entire manual Allied Telesis AT but the selected pages only. Summaries Below you will find previews of the content of the user manuals presented on the following pages to Allied Telesis AT If you want to quickly view the content of pages Allied Telesis AT-8748XL on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. Abstracts of contents Summary of the content on the page No. Summary of the content on the page No. This Release Note describes the new features and enhancements. To obtain a licence and password, contact your authorised Allied Telesis distributor or reseller.

The following table lists the file names for Software Version 2. Pr Summary of the content on the page No.

Clearing System Parameters System: File System Enhancement Switching: ML Summary of the content on the page No. The new and modified commands to implement them are described in Command Reference Updates.


Clearing System Allied Telesis AT-8748XL The option none has been added to the following commands: To enable extended monitoring, use the command: For modified commands and output, the new parameters, options, and fields are shown in bold. The start parameter set Summary of the content on the page No. It also removes any data captured during extended utilisation monitoring, and clears this output from the show cpu Allied Telesis AT-8748XL.

Example To reset the CPU utilisation, use the command: Figure 1: Example output from the show cpu extended command CPU Utilisation as a percentage Maximum since router restarted Current Time Current time in hh: The time in milliseconds since midnight, and the current timestamp are also in brackets. Current Install Current installed release, with the size of the release in brackets. Start percent Percentage of utilisation that the CPU must reach, if any, before the router or switch c Summary of the content on Allied Telesis AT-8748XL page No.

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XL. Notice: This product is no longer available for purchase.

port 10/TX Basic Layer 3 Switch with Two Expansion Bays (Applique). Allied Telesis AT XL - switch - 48 ports - managed overview and full product specs on CNET.

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