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AMF has powerful centralized management features that manage a complete network as Allied Telesis AT-2000 single virtual device. The network can be expanded with plug-and-play simplicity, and network node recovery is fully zero-touch. Allied Telesis AT-2000 secure mode increases network security with management traffic encryption, authorization, and monitoring. Network resiliency The convergence of network services in the enterprise has led to increasing demand for highly available networks with minimal downtime. VCStack, in conjunction with link aggregation, provides a network with no single point of failure and an easy, resilient solution for high availability applications.

The x Series can form a VCStack of up to eight units for enhanced resiliency and simplified device management.

Stacks can be created over long distance fiber links with VCStack LD Long Distancemaking the x Series the perfect choice for distributed environments. Reliable The x Series was designed with reliability in mind, and guarantees continual delivery of essential services. With dual hot-swappable load-sharing power supplies and near-hitless online stack reconfiguration, maintenance may be performed without affecting network uptime. Secure Advanced security features protect the network from the edge to the core.

Allied Telesis AT-2000 x Series offers powerful control over network traffic types, protection against network attacks, secure management options, loop guard to detect cabling mistakes, and tri-authentication for comprehensive end-point access control. Future-proof The x Series ensures a futureproof network, with superior flexibility coupled with the ability to stack multiple units. All x Series models feature 10 Gigabit and the option of 40 Gigabit uplinks ports and a comprehensive IPv6 feature set, so are fully ready for future network traffic demands. Environmentally friendly The x Series supports Energy Efficient Ethernet EEEautomatically reducing the power consumed by the switch whenever there is no traffic on a port. This sophisticated feature can significantly reduce operating costs by reducing the power requirements of the switch and any associated cooling equipment.

Common tasks are automated or made so simple that the everyday running of a network can be achieved without the need for highly-trained, and expensive, network engineers.

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Powerful features like centralized management, auto-backup, auto-upgrade, auto-provisioning and auto-recovery enable plug-and-play networking and zero-touch management. Any x Series switch can operate as the AMF network master, storing firmware and configuration Allied Telesis AT-2000 for other network nodes.

X930 Series

The AMF master enables Allied Telesis AT-2000 and auto-upgrade by providing appropriate files to new network members. New network devices can be pre-provisioned making installation easy because no on-site configuration is required. AMF secure mode encrypts all AMF traffic, provides unit and user authorization, and monitors network access to greatly enhance network security. AMF Guestnode allows Allied Telesis AT-2000 Telesis wireless access points and further switching products, as well as third party devices such as IP phones and security cameras, to be part of an AMF network.


Stacking links are connected in a ring so each device has dual connections to further improve resiliency. VCStack provides a Allied Telesis AT-2000 available system where network resources are spread out across stacked units, reducing the impact if one of the units fails.

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Aggregating switch ports on different units across the stack provides excellent network resiliency. Long-Distance Stacking Long-distance stacking allows a VCStack to be created over fiber links to span longer distances, perfect for a distributed network environment. This feature is perfect for high performance and high availability at the core of enterprise or provider Allied Telesis AT-2000 networks.

With independent routing domains, IP addresses can overlap Allied Telesis AT-2000 causing conflict, allowing multiple customers to have their own secure virtual network within the same physical infrastructure. VRF Lite on the x supports both unicast and multicast traffic. Active Fiber Monitoring Active Fiber Monitoring prevents Allied Telesis AT-2000 on fiber communications by monitoring received optical power. If an intrusion is detected, the link can be automatically shut down, or an operator alert can be sent.

Active Fiber Monitoring is Allied Telesis AT-2000 on fiber data and fiber stacking links. UniDirectional link Detection UniDirectional Link Detection UDLD is useful for monitoring fiber-optic links between two switches that use two single-direction fibers to transmit and receive packets. UDLD prevents traffic from being sent across a bad link by blocking the ports at both ends of the link in the event that either the individual transmitter or receiver for that connection fails. Continuous PoE Continuous PoE allows the switch to be restarted without affecting the supply of power to connected devices.

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Smart lighting, security cameras, and other PoE devices will continue to operate during a software upgrade on the switch. High Reliability The x series switches feature front to back cooling and dual power supply units PSUs. The x features dual hot-swappable load sharing power supplies for maximum uptime, and the option of either front-to-back or back-to-front cooling. This makes it ideal for use as a top-of-rack data center switch. Traffic being transmitted or received on the port is duplicated and sent across the network on a special VLAN. Sampled packets sent to a collector ensure it always has a real-time view of network traffic. Premium Software License By default, the x Series offers a comprehensive Layer 2 and basic Layer 3 feature set that includes static Allied Telesis AT-2000 and IPv6 management features.

The feature set can easily be elevated to full Layer 3 by applying the premium software license.


This adds dynamic routing protocols and Layer 3 multicasting capabilities. This feature is also useful in Enterprise environments where it can be used to merge two networks together, without manually reconfiguring the VLAN numbering scheme.

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Key Solutions Distributed network core Allied Telesis x Series switches are ideal for core and distribution solutions, where resiliency and flexibility are required. The increased distance provided by fiber stacking connectivity means that members of the virtual chassis do not need to be co-located. Instead, they can be kilometers apart — perfect for a distributed network environment. When combined with link aggregation to access switches, this provides a solution with no single point of failure that fully utilizes all network bandwidth, and ensures high availability of data for network users. AMF allows this large distributed network to be managed as a single virtual entity, greatly reducing administration and automating many day to day tasks.

The Allied Telesis MMC Series of Gigabit mini media converters leverages its smaller size to not only help the environment with a small carbon footprint, but. Allied Telesis IMC/ Series Industrial Media Converters Allied Telesis AT-2000 are ideal for powering remote devices, such as IP phones, video cameras and wireless.

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