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Markov Chain Analysis — A descriptive technique that provides probabilistic information about a decision situation.


ALi Integrated Systems systems that exhibit probabilistic movement from one state, or condition, to another over time. Queueing Theory — A descriptive modeling technique that describes a solution to allow for analysis of concepts such as the expected number of entities, e.


Optimization Linear Programming — An optimization problem for which the goal is to maximize, or minimize, a linear objective function with respect to a set of linear constraints. Linear programming is used throughout several industries typically with the primary goal of maximizing a profit function ALi Integrated Systems minimizing a cost function.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Common linear programming applications include work-scheduling, budgeting, financial planning, transportation, transshipment, and network models. Integer Programming — A linear program for which some or all of the variables are required to be non-negative integers. Common integer programming applications include investment decision making, facility location, and machine scheduling problems. Types of nonlinear programming include quadratic, convex, non-convex, geometric, and fractional programming. Multiple Criteria Decision Making — An optimization problem for which several conflicting criteria are simultaneously optimized. An example of multiple criteria decision making is goal programming, which chooses one of the multiple criteria as the primary criterion and use it as the objective function to be optimized.

The remaining criteria are assigned acceptable values and treated as constraints. The criteria are treated as targets with the goal ALi Integrated Systems producing a solution as close as possible to the targets based on priorities.

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Heuristic algorithms are used in many applications, but one common area of application are network analysis models. Data Analysis and Management Data Collection — Develop comprehensive data collection plans to assure that unbiased and relevant data is collected to answer the questions being asked and stay within scope. Data Analysis — Apply advanced statistical tools, such as hypothesis testing, statistical process control, process capability analysis, analysis of variance, regression analysis, root cause analysis, and design of experiment ALi Integrated Systems appropriately draw conclusions about the available data. Big Data Mining — Use advanced tools, such as pivot tables, to stratify and analyze large amount of data in an efficient and effective manner.

Very useful in determining what data and information is available and what data may need to be collected in order to answer a question or finish a project. Data Management — Develop user friendly tools that will allow for easy manipulation of data and allow for efficient and effective analysis. With a few clicks, easily run several courses of action to quantify key parameters, such as cost and performance. Data Reports — Provide thorough reports discussing the project from start-to-finish, including the data collection and analysis processes, as well as all conclusions that resulted. Will also ALi Integrated Systems concise executive summaries for upper management personnel to highlight the main findings from the study.

Modeling and Simulation Use techniques such as Monte Carlo simulations and stochastic simulations to analyze processes and run multiple scenarios to ALi Integrated Systems the expected changes in performance parameters. Common examples include analyzing the utilization of resources, the average waiting time in queues for entities, and the total time in the system for entities.

Creating a simulation will allow the user to vary parameters and view the expected changes, which will assist in the decision making process. The advantage of this supply chain management technique is that it focuses on optimizing the overall supply chain rather than optimizing individual, functional areas. Thus creating a more efficient and effective supply chain that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Transportations Problems — Use optimization and ALi Integrated Systems techniques to schedule the flow of goods from origin to destination nodes in a network model.

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A ALi Integrated Systems example would be to minimize the total costs associated with transporting a good from the manufacturing facility through a transshipment site, e. Develop Delivery Networks — Use advanced algorithms to efficiently and effectively use a transportation fleet to create a network that minimizes expenditures while meeting customer expectations. Information Technology — Research and provide recommendations on how to improve supply chain visibility. This allows companies to have ALi Integrated Systems better understanding on their unique supply chains and identify areas where improvements can be made.

Facility Layout and Location — Determine convenient locations that will allow for an efficient, effective, and responsive supply chain, as well as design facilities in such a way that it minimize the cost of materials handling and maximize the productivity of the organization. Financial Analysis and Decision Making Cost-Benefit Analysis — Evaluate several alternatives strengths and weaknesses with respect to business objectives.

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Use advanced techniques, such as quality function deployment QFDanalytical hierarchy process AHPand the technique for order preference for similarity to ideal solution TOPSISto integrate qualitative and quantitative data into the overall decision making and evaluation process. Analysis of Alternatives — Evaluate several alternatives in terms of effectiveness with respect to process objectives. Thoroughly analyze the impacts that each course of action will have with respect to defined output ALi Integrated Systems parameters.

Economics — Analyze cash flows, life cycle cost estimates, and utility functions to determine the fiscal viability of investments and decisions. Product Development Market Research — Develop surveys and data collection plans to capture the wants and needs of customers when developing a product.


It is critical to have a customer oriented point of view when developing the requirements for a new product and determining ways to meet the requirements so the end product is salable. Product ALi Integrated Systems — Use statistical techniques to prioritize the wants and needs of the customer and translate their desires into affordable designs. Creating a linked chain from customer needs to the final product will help ensure that the end product will correlate with the market research. Our relationship with Dave has not only been a benefit to our company, but also to myself ALi Integrated Systems a person. Dave is well organized and has a knowledge and understanding of his offerings unparalleled to others we have worked with. Ali Farsaie. Director at Spatial Integrated Systems.

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