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Getting rid of that steel ball really helps. It also has pleasingly snappy A4Tech RFW-5. Not as good as the Hz standard rate of most USB mouses, and not improve-able with tweaking software, but still A4Tech RFW-5 better than most cordless mouses. Including Logitech and Microsoft's recent cordless efforts, which when I reviewed them managed something like 50Hz and 35Hz, respectively.

A4Tech WOP driver download for Mouse p1 ::

Sample rate doesn't affect how far the mouse pointer moves for a given amount of physical mouse movement at a given mouse speed setting. But it does affect the A4Tech RFW-5 of times the pointer will be drawn on the screen on the way, and it can make a big difference to how the mouse feels, in use. Gamers, image editors and plain old serious PC enthusiasts want high mouse sample rates, for smooth aiming, smooth curve drawing, and just plain smoovenessrespectively. For office applications, the difference is much less important, and many people don't perceive much of a difference between a scungy old 33Hz serial mouse and a super-tweaked Hz gamers' special.

But those of us who're a tad more perceptive prefer something with a higher sample rate. Unfortunately, though, this mouse doesn't handle fast motion well.

A4Tech driver download for Mouse

It's got an old-style low-sample-rate sensor in it, and it's easy to make the pointer skip backwards if you move the mouse fast, no matter what surface you're using the mouse on. This problem's no worse than it was with the first generation all-surface optical mouses from the big brands, though; in normal use you're not likely to have difficulties. If you're a gamer who likes to use a low mouse speed for precision and as a result whips the A4Tech RFW-5 around a lot, though, then this one won't suit you, despite its high sample rate. This mouse also goes to sleep after two minutes of inactivity, and won't wake up if you move it.

You have to press a button. The fancier Microsoft and Logitech cordless optical mouses keep pulsing their illuminator LED when they're in standby mode, and can tell when they've been moved and wake up seamlessly. Doing that at a decently low current draw requires custom hardware, though, A4Tech RFW-5 the A4 Tech mouse clearly ain't got it; it's using something pretty close to a plain old corded-mouse sensor rig, as far as I can see.


So you've got to press a button. This applies even when the mouse is plugged into A4Tech RFW-5 charge lead, and so doesn't need to save power any more. A4Tech RFW-5 does it anyway. So you can plug the receiver into a hidden server, if you like, and it'll always boot without complaining about a missing mouse or keyboard. The keyboard, like every other cordless model I've seen, saves power by not having any LEDs of its own.

The radio system's useful range depends on your local radio environment, the position and alignment of the receiver and transmitters, and how A4Tech RFW-5 the receiver A4Tech RFW-5 to your computer. With the receiver a few feet from the computer, mouse control went flaky about 2.

A4Tech RFW درایور دانلود رایگان (ver. 7.­80)

The keyboard was OK up to maybe four or five metres, depending on alignment and intervening objects. Your mileage may A4Tech RFW-5. The radio system this kit uses has an "ID code" feature, which A4Tech RFW-5 you use a button on the receiver to bind only one keyboard and mouse to one receiver, regardless of which of the two switch-selectable channels you've chosen for each device.

So you should be able to have an office full of these things without interference problems. I didn't have another kit handy to see whether this feature actually worked, though, and it won't work at all if you haven't installed the supporting software. One thing I did notice is that at one point the mouse pointer became erratic for about one second A4Tech RFW-5 time I pressed a key on the keyboard. It still moved in basically the right direction, but it did so slowly and unevenly. Basically, it couldn't be used until that A4Tech RFW-5 had elapsed.

This was really annoying. Even for ordinary desktop tasks, it's a pain; normal users commonly want to move the mouse right after pressing a key. For fancier tasks like selecting icons with Control held down to add them A4Tech RFW-5 the existing selectionit's really bad - when a key's held down, the mouse is constantly erratic. For Photoshop work, it's a freakin' nightmare.

And then the problem went away. I don't know why. I'd been fooling with the ID Connect button and the channel assignment switches constantly, and nothing had helped. Then, a while after making another change that hadn't helped, the thing just came good, and mouse and keyboard worked together in a perfectly acceptable fashion again. This problem might have had to do with radio interference from something else, I suppose; I'm flummoxed. It didn't recur. Download A4Tech RFW 5 driver for Computer A4Tech RFW-5, different software versions available here.

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